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House Cleaning Results you need to see to believe. Check out our quality we offer throughout Redlands, Brisbane.

Recommended Home Services is focused on providing you with the best outcomes possible. Please have a look through our Before and After Shots to get you excited about our affordable property transformations.

If you live in Redlands and looking for a trustworthy team you can rely on, please get in touch to see if we are the right fit for you.

Cleaning House Eaves - Residential House Washes

Residential Home in Redlands needing Gutter Cleaned and Eaver Treated and Pressure Washed. Client was blown away from these befroe and after shots.

Cleaning House Eaves Gutters - Recommended Home Services
Redlands High Pressure Cleaners - Recommended Home Services

Old Aggregate Driveway, just needing some love. With the correct cleaning equipment and our powerful cleaning solution that is eco-friendly. As you can see, we got this clients driveway looking like new again.

High Pressure Cleaning Driveway - Recommended Home Services
Redlands Patio Cleaners - Pressure Cleaning

Massive Carport collected a lot of Dirt and Mould over several years of not being cleaned due to roof height and not having the right equipment. Happy Client using Recommended Home Service annually now.

Patio Cleaning Business - Recommended Home Services
Property Services Redlands - Cleaning Concrete Surface

Checkout this before and after shot of a residential backyard in Redlands. The client has let this section of the backyard go – but luckily, they knew who to call.

Redlands Property Services - Soft Wash Cleaning
Timber Fence Cleaning - Remove organic growth from fences

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  If you have a timber fence like this or even colourbond or brick. Improve your homes overall aesthetics; simply give us a call now you know what is possible with Recommended Homes Services.

Restoring Timber Fence - High Pressure Cleaning is the best
Tile Roof Cleaners - Redlands Best Tile Cleaners

Overtime Roof Tiles get a heap of organic build-up from Brisbane’s harsh climate. If you haven’t had your roof washed down or checked over in the last few years, you should consider getting in touch with our team so we can check it over and clean it for you.

Roof Tile Cleaners - Recommended Home Services

Recommended Home Services help you remove any unwanted matter from all surface types without causing any surface damage. Get in touch today as we have cleaning specials running all the time. Call or Text Jason for a Free Quote

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